Jolly Plastic

Film Tecnici in Polietilene


We have been quality-oriented for more than 10 years and during all this time we have developed a system adequate to satisfy your product needs. Our concrete attitude led us to design effective processes first and then to run those every day, aiming to the next ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.


We check every incoming lot to verify its chemical-physical conformity. Your certainties starts even before the raw material of your products have been stored.


We have developed ad-hoc software and technologies and we rely on a competent and professional staff. So we have a complete, safe and continuous control of every lot of production, from the beginning to the end.


Our long experience teaches us that adopting the best equipment is fundamental, but sometimes is not enough. So we develope in house customized devices in collaboration with the best in class extrusion machine manufacturers. This allow us to have a plus in the film extrusion panorama.


IWe teach every level of our organization how to be quality oriented. The presence of specialized and capable operators is the best guarantee for your satisfaction. We keep them up-to-date on your requirements so thay can be the first to recognize what is important for you.


We take film samples from each lot of production and we analyse and test with our high-tech laboratory facilities. In this way we can have a complete characterization of your product from both a mechanical and a thermal point of view from the very beginning of the production.


We record all the data in our production process to have the whole detailed story of your products. From the properties of the original raw materials to the process conditions on the extrusion lines. So we can offer you a total tracking system and a perfect product repeatability.


Beyond regulatory standards, we know the point is to understand what is fundamental to each customer and offer it with reliability and repeatability. That’s why each customers has its own personal data sheet with both standard and customized parameters. So we can define specific processes in production and during controls to reach the total quality for your products.